Singaporean clowns trick a friend with a custom police interface (video)

These friends went above and beyond for their best friend’s birthday.

Fun pranks are circulating online today with a group of friends printing a custom stand after anti-theft holder in Singapore as a birthday present.

“When your friends are design and art students, anything is possible 🤣🤣” TikTok user Jp.da_, aka the birthday boy aka JP, wrote on Sunday.

@jp.da_ When your friends are design and art students, anything is possible 🤣🤣 Disclaimer: I’ve been acting like a donkey policeman for years and took this picture for fun. Don’t expect them to print a life size poster from him # Hahaha #fyp #prank # Singapore #friendship ♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

JB said his friends blew up a photo he took when he worked as a policeman years ago. It resembles the stand-up that was used in probably the most popular propaganda campaign by the police force that featured Officer Ryan Koh in his hand with the caption: “Store robbery is a crime.”

The memes spread after many of them were placed across malls in the country to discourage theft.

On TikTok, JP was satisfied when he realized that the one standing was him at the NEX shopping mall. Then he carried her and stood with her awkwardly.

It was revealed that the swatch costs around S$50 to print.

In response to comments asking him to leave it at the mall, JP refused further embarrassment.

“Nope, I’m so embarrassed to leave this in the NEX. Everyone is like starting to judge me, they wonder like what’s wrong with this guy stealing the police guard”, He said In another video.

Almost everyone in the comments liked the joke and some vowed that they would steal it and use it on others.

“This is the largest cheesecake eve seen all year,” wrote Fawzy Azhar.

“I am honored to witness this [in real life] On idaten,” Humi.kos wrote, referring to a Japanese restaurant in the shopping center.

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