Snacks crush as drunken motorcyclist crashes praying for the dead in Jakarta (VIDEO)

Other than Jakarta, you’d be hard-pressed to find a neighborhood holding mass prayers for the dead on the street and a drunk motorcyclist running over refreshments.

The accident occurred on Tuesday around 8 pm on Terujong Street 3 in West Cilandak, south of Jakarta. A video clip that went viral after it was prompted by multiple community accounts was prompted by a group of men sitting on a rug in the street and performing a communal prayer.

Soon after, a motorcyclist gets inside the chassis, driving on the carpet and crushing snacks placed on the floor. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Cilandak police said the residents of the neighborhood were taken into custody two analysesA group prayer on the occasion of the fortieth day since the death of a neighbor.

Police said the motorcyclist turned out to know the people in the two analyzes, as he himself is a resident of the neighbourhood. It just so happened that he wasn’t exactly mentally alert at the time.

He was drunk. He only drank with his college friends. So he didn’t see [the tahlilan] Evidently or perhaps he thought it was something else,” Moltzam, Selandak Police Chief He said today.

In Jakarta, prayer gatherings and other street prayer gatherings are common, especially in tight-knit neighborhoods. Amid a severe lack of green space in the most densely populated parts of the capital, these agglomerations often use part or all of a street or alley.

In any case, the police said the motorcyclist had apologized to his neighbors for disrupting Tahlan, and therefore would not face any charges. It is strange that the police did not slap him on the DUI charge.

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