Special extradition: Cambodia extradites dozens of fraud suspects to Thailand

Cambodia Has a Package for Thailand — Dozens of Suspected Call Center Scammers, and No special tracking app And there is a need.

Cybercrime officials in both countries announced this morning that 89 suspects – 74 Cambodians and 15 Thais – linked to everything from romance negatives to the infamous “DHL scam”, will be extradited to Thailand after being prosecuted for immigration-related offenses.

Investigators had arrested the suspects between late June and early July at four locations including Sihanoukville.

Authorities said they were linked to four call center networks: one gang used Tinder to trick victims into investing in cryptocurrency, another impersonated police in the Thai port city of Laem Chabang, and a third convinced brands to transfer money by pretending to be Chanthaburi police.

Police said the members of the fourth call center group work in the Cambodian city of Poipet and claimed to be from the DHL logistics company.

The suspects will be handed over to Thai authorities in Sa Kaeo province after being prosecuted for violating Cambodian immigration law.

Thailand has been inundated with call center scams targeting people in both Thai and English. Many scams involve elaborate schemes in which perpetrators impersonate officials, police, or corporate entities to trick unsuspecting victims into handing over their money.
People can help report tips at 081-866-3000 or just via the dedicated Thai police website Helping tackle cybercrime.

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