Sri Lanka’s fugitive president failed to appear at Changi Airport as expected this morning

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa did not attend in Singapore as he was expected to do so this morning.

There were reports that Rajapaksa, who fled his country to the Maldives yesterday after being chased by protesters following the country’s economic collapse, was expected to arrive at Changi Airport on a Singapore Airlines flight with his wife and security personnel at 7:50 am. This morning, but it turns out he didn’t get on the plane for security reasons.

Many Sri Lankans were also reported to have been at Changi airport waiting for his arrival so they could directly express their disappointment to the 73-year-old president, whose family has ruled the country for the past two decades.

Reuters She stated that Rajapaksa had intended to go to Singapore to seek asylum.

Rajapaksa fled from Colombo, the country’s capital, to the Maldives on a military plane to hide from protesters who stormed his house on Saturday. Yesterday, he pledged to resign but has yet to submit a formal letter of resignation.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was appointed as the country’s acting president and declared a state of emergency.

This was followed by protests as thousands occupied the streets of Colombo. The police responded with tear gas, but that was not enough to stop the protesters from entering the office and other state buildings.

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