Star lovers come to the doomed Bangkok Railway Station

Joining the City Hall project to project films across the city in public is a century-old crossing milestone where the story of star-crossed lovers will be told.

This Sunday, Bangkok Railway Station or Hua Lampung will display WWII period drama kho cam or sunset in chuvraya (2013).

The 2013 film was an adaptation of the novel of the same name by the late author Thumayaanti. In it, the Japanese imperial naval invader Kobori (Nadish Kojimiya) falls in love with a Thai woman named Angsomalin (Aurant de Cabalis).

The 8pm show will follow a late Sunday afternoon show by Zipper Clown and live performances by Symphony Orchestra and singer Jirakorn “Ae” Sompitak.

More than 20 films are being shown outdoors in several venues across Bangkok this month as part of Governor Chadchart Sitipunt’s cultural drive. Choices range from mainstream Thai rom-com and horror flicks like Bangkok Traffic Story (Love) And the shutter To an underrated documentary King Town Schoolwhich follows young rappers in the city’s largest slum as they try to break out of poverty and join the music scene.

Find the table Online.


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