State Railways ban City Hall from showing in Hua Lamphong

Railway officials said today that they will not allow a public movie to be shown at Bangkok’s historic railway station.

A day after it was announced by City Hall, a movie screening in the century-old Hua Lamphong after State Railways was canceled this morning. announce The venue, officially known as Bangkok Railway Station, will not be allowed to be used as a venue for fear of the spread of COVID-19, especially during the long weekend.

Akarat Srirayanpong, a railway spokesman, said the station was an “unsuitable” place to host a movie as it is closed and poorly ventilated.

Akkarat said that Hua Lampung will receive hundreds of passengers during the long weekend, and fears of the spread of infection are the right place to receive movie-goers.

It is worth noting that Akkarat also complained that the city council did not seek official approval for the use of the place.

On Wednesday, City Hall announced that it will be showing its outdoor film series on the station with a 2013 period romantic drama. kho camor sunset in Chaophraya (2013) on Sunday.


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