Teens in suits invade Singaporean theaters to participate in the #Gentleminions meme

If you’re heading to the movie theatre this weekend and see a group of guys suspiciously dressed up, it’s probably not because they strayed to the club or the prom. Most likely they will watch an animated movie Minions: the rise of a puppy And following a viral trend known as #Gentleminions.

_. itzvan_ Issa Phoebe #tiktox #Minion #suits #KingBop #fyp ♬ Rich Minion – YET
Tweet embed Wearing suits to watch the Minions🥵🥵🥵#Minion # O Lord #fyp #sg# Hahaha#for you ♬ Rich Minion – YET

As you can see from TikToks above, the meme trend that includes the incredibly popular (and some might inexplicably argued) series has made its way to Singapore.

according to Get to know your memesthe origins of the #gentleminions came in late June when some YouTubers and TikTokers scoffed at going to see the latest Minions movie in fancy dress, in part in reference to an older movie. Tickets to X, please me me. As it often happens nowadays, internet jokes have manifested themselves in realistic absurdity to be turned back into Tiktok fodder.

Although this trend has arisen organically rather than as a result of viral marketing by the film’s distributor, Universal Studios, they were certainly happy to acknowledge it.

However, not many people are happy with this particular trend. In fact, some theaters in the UK have banned young men in tuxedos from watching the movie After numerous reports of them representing loud and annoying audiences by screaming on screen throughout the film. This has led to more videos showing attempts to get around the lawsuit ban.

Tweet embed Unstoppable 🍌 #Minion #fyp # Trustworthy # O Lord #Cinema ♬ Rich Minion – YET

However, it seems very unlikely that such a ban will occur in Singapore, where our followers seem to be the kind with no reports of boisterous behaviour. yet at least.

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