Thai boys are forced to dance naked in front of their classmates

A university in Bangkok’s western Nong Khaim district said on Sunday that students who forced others to dance naked as part of an off-campus hazing ritual would be punished.

The University of Southeast Asia said it would discipline seniors who forced three new students to dance to the music while the other students watched and laughed. A row of onlookers appeared in the clip, which was filmed on an unspecified beach.

“The university has a clear policy to organize creative student activities,” the statement responded to the video on Sunday. “Organizing outdoor activities and activities that infringe on the rights of young students are strictly prohibited. There will be a penalty for senior students who commit disciplinary offenses.”

The university said it had already notified those responsible for the hazing rituals and their parents.

The clip of the nude dance was shared on Saturday by Twitter user Redskullxxx.

“This is an orientation ceremony held off-campus for the University of Southeast Asia, School of Electrical Engineering, 4th year,” the tweet read. “In what age do we live in allowing the young to undress in order to please and entertain the elderly? There is certainly a fine line between intellectuals and fools.”

It was not clear exactly where and when the headwinds occurred.

Although officially prohibited by most institutions, the humiliating and sometimes deadly ritual known as rub no It continues to operate, often off-campus in June and July before the start of the new semester in August.

This is the worst kind of abhorrent behaviour. “These seniors deserve to be punished without exception,” TarotYouuuu said in a tweet.

Several days ago, another clip surfaced showing the same three boys wearing only pants and forced to chant insults and raise their middle fingers.

In March, a student died when new students at Rajamangala University of Technology Isan were beaten after being forced to drink alcohol.

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