The arrival of the teaser trailer for ‘Sri Asih’, the second installment of the Bumilangit Universe

Two years after it was first announced, we finally got our first look at it sri asia – Indonesia’s response to Wonder Woman and the second movie of Jagat Cinema Bomilangite or Bumilangit Cinema World (BCU).

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Produced by Bomilangit Script, Super Hero Movie directed by Obi (My Stupid Boss 1 & 2, My Generation) With a screenplay written by she and Goku Anwar. sri asia Two years after the movie premiered at BCU, Gondala (2019) written and directed by Goku.

The trailer begins with a monologue by great actress Christine Hakeem about “people who do good for life” and those “full of hate and malice who destroy and bring misery.” Then we see our heroine, Sri Aseh, as a child and adult character, played by Bevita Pierce.

Watch the action-packed trailer, with English subtitles, below:

A mysterious character is heard saying, “We’ve been waiting for you, Sri Aseh” before you land a superhero at the end of the trailer.

sri asia A cinematic release is scheduled for this year, although no date has been set at the time of publication. There will also be new versions of BCU, including Virgo and sparkle Starring Adhysty Zara as well tira A series starring Chelsea Islan slated for release on Disney + Hotstar.

According to the timeline of the comics, the world of Bumilangit consists of four fictional eras of superheroes, which are Legend (legends), neighbourhood (the Warriors), patriot (Patriots), and Revoluci (Revolution). The seven films in the first volume of the BCU are from the Jawara and Patriot eras.

The Jawara era features warriors from the Nusantara (archipelago) kingdoms of the 13th and 15th centuries, with its most prominent figures including Si Puta Dari Goa Hantu and Mandala.

The Patriot era is the era of superheroes nowadays, led by Gondala and Sri Aseh – the latter being considered Indonesia’s first ever superhero with the release of the inaugural version of their comic in 1954.

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