The court refuses to release the reformers of the monarchy who collapsed in court

This afternoon, the Thai Criminal Court refused to release on bail two young activists, one day after they fell in court.

The court deemed the pro-democracy activists – Nettiporn “Bong” Sanisangkhum and Nuthanit “Bai Por” Dwangmousit – in good health and refused to release them on bail even though they were hospitalized yesterday after nearly 50 days of hunger strike.

The court cited in its decision their “normal” situation of refusing to release bail again for both, who have spent more than two months behind bars awaiting trial, according to Thai Lawyers for Human Rights.

members of the Talwang group, active in reforming the monarchy; Nettiburn, 26; and Nothanet, 21 years old; It has been held since May to poll public opinion about royal processions known to disturb traffic.

Nutthanit “Bai Por” Duangmusit on July 18, 2022 was sent to the hospital. Photo: Cai myo cheese

Among the crimes they were charged with is insulting the royal person, or insulting the monarchy. He is liable to imprisonment for up to 15 years.

The two activists have started a hunger strike to protest their arrest since 2 June.

After a 47-day hunger strike, the couple broke down on Monday during a court hearing. According to lawyer Krisadang Nocharat, the couple suffered from severe stomach pain and fatigue. They were then sent to the hospital.

A large human rights group issued a statement He called on the Thai authorities to release the young activists, saying that their prolonged pre-trial detention was “unnecessary”.

“Thai authorities should drop politically motivated cases against Nettiporn, Nothanit, and others accused of peaceful protests to reform the monarchy,” said John Sifton, Asia advocacy director at Human Rights Watch. “The Thai government is harshly punishing these activists by holding them unnecessarily in prolonged pretrial detention rather than releasing them before trial.”

Netiporn “Bung” Sanesangkhom on July 18, 2022 was sent to the hospital. Photo: Cai myo cheese

Another human rights organization, Amnesty International Thailand, has created a platform for people Type toetter Minister of Justice Somsak Tipsothin to demand the release of the activists.

On May 26, the criminal court released on bail 20-year-old activist Tantawan “Tawan” Twatulanon, who was said to be seriously ill after a 37-day hunger strike. She was arrested with Nettiborn and Nothanet for conducting the same survey in February.

Upon his release, Tantawan was immediately taken to hospital for treatment. She was then placed under house arrest pending trial for insulting the monarchy. Among the conditions were that she wear a watch, not leave her residence without court permission, and not do anything deemed an “insult” to the royal family.


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