The design firm reimagines the Tropical Hut with a fresh, modern look

As Tropical Hut’s wave of nostalgia continues, the once-forgotten and obscure fast food chain is getting a new lease on life as its vintage stores welcome a host of new customers.

While the chain is seeing more customers pour into its branches now than at any other time in recent years, remodeling doesn’t seem to be high on its list of priorities — most Tropical Hut diners would say walking into one of their outlets is like walking back in time. Hence, the design-build firm has taken it upon itself to reimagine what a fast food restaurant would look like with a contemporary update on its aesthetics.

Urban Matrix Builders writes, “We created a conceptual, modern Filipino design for our childhood favorite tropical hut! Incorporating the original Tropical Hut brand and playful approach with wooden elements, we made the Tropical Hut even more comfortable and inviting.”

Images courtesy of Urban Matrix Builders

Based on the Urban Matrix images, the redesign of Tropical Hut makes the chain look more like a modern, high-quality burger joint, with a heavy emphasis on wooden elements against its green hue.

Online users loved the redesign and agreed that the look of the series was long overdue.

One user said “make this happen”.

“A cleaner, sleeker design for the Tropical Hut. Post wrote.

Meanwhile, some felt that the brand’s retro look was part of its charm.

One wrote: “The wooden planks give me (McDonald’s) feelings.” “It might be best to make it look like a ’60s diner.”

“I still wish there was a hint of vintage-style pieces in there! In fact, I would find the existing chairs still more comfortable than the designer ones. My only concern is that the design has lost its nostalgia and has become too modern,” another commentator wrote, noting that the branch Esculta in Manila, which was used as the basis for the conceptual remodeling, is housed in an antebellum Beaux-Arts building. “It could be a great inspiration for design.”

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