The Mirror adds two fan club-only shows to the Coliseum Concert Series, and real-name tickets are used for upcoming sales

In an effort to prevent promoters from raising ticket prices to exorbitant sums, Mirror has added two fan-only shows to the Hong Kong Coliseum concert series and will use a real name registration system when tickets go on public sale.

Kanto Pop announced earlier that they will hold their first-ever concerts at the Hong Kong Amphitheater for 10 nights from July 25-31 and August 2-4.

Tickets are priced at HK$480 ($61), HK$880 ($112) and HK$1280 ($163).

The 12-piece group announced on their social media pages on Wednesday that they will be adding two more shows at MIRROR.WE.ARE LIVE CONCERT 2022 on August 5 and 6. The official fan club, Miro.

“[Fans] We were so excited for the party and we know it’s so tiring to get tickets [to the concert] To support the mirror,” the boy band said in a Facebook post.

“We have heard your voices.”

Mirror also delivered another piece of good news, announcing how tickets for all 12 shows sold publicly via URBTIX are being sold on the real-name system.

The group added that its team is working hard to prepare for the ticket sale, and details will be announced at a later time.

Fans have long advocated a real-name system for ticket sales in which unscrupulous speculators would raise prices for the hugely popular band’s shows.

Coconut Tickets for the upcoming Mirror Concert have recently been found selling for as much as HK$438,102 (US$55,811) for a single ticket on the Viagogo distributor platform.

Police also recently arrested a man on suspicion of selling fake concert tickets.

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