The photos remind those who bet their lives on horses at the old Bangkok Racecourse

Four years after Bangkok’s century-old Nang Long Racecourse was demolished, a street photographer is reliving its golden days in an exhibition to remember the place and the people who frequent it.

Artyt “Sun” Lerdrakmongkol spent every Sunday for over a year at the racetrack monitoring fans, gamblers and bettors there between 2017 and 2018, before it was closed down by Crown Property Bureau.

“I’ve been going to and out of the racetrack every week for a year and six months,” he said.

Now through August 25, his poor man binoculars exhibition He will display his images in color films to frankly capture the viewers – many of whom were drawn from the middle and lower strata of society and glued to binoculars to follow the action.

Photo: Artyt Lerdrakmongkol

After 102 years, the Royal Land Office ordered the closure of Nang Long Racecourse.

The site of 279 ray (45 hectares) was among a number of adjacent properties restored by the mansion that were for public use after 1932.

Late last year it was reported that it had been redeveloped into a garden glorifying King Rama IX.

Artett said that feeling dislocated was something he took away from his many visits. The gallery is divided into three sections: Ready, Race, and Final.

Photo: Artyt Lerdrakmongkol

“When I was there, a cosmopolitan urban person like me was misplaced,” said the 42-year-old photographer. “The racetrack had its charms, the charms of people who had nothing left to lose, and all they could do was venture away from their lives.”

Poor Man’s Perspectives runs until August 25th at the Kathmandu Picture Gallery. The gallery owned by photographer Manit Sriwanichpowom is located on Ban Street, across from the Hindu Temple on Lower Silom Road. It can be accessed from BTS Surasak, BTS Sala Daeng or MRT Silom.

Photo: Artyt Lerdrakmongkol
Photo: Artyt Lerdrakmongkol


The former racetrack in Bangkok is slated to be a theme park for Rama IX

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