Transport Minister says he’s ‘willing’ to try public transport to understand passenger problems

Newly appointed Transportation Minister Jaime Bautista said he and the Chairman of the Land Transportation Franchise and Regulation Board (LTFRB) (LTFRB) “are ready to ride” public transportation to fully understand passenger problems. His statement comes amid a flurry of complaints about the metro’s growing awful passenger problem that has been exacerbated by skyrocketing fuel prices.

“Honestly, I have seen the suffering of the passengers just by looking at the lines. But I am willing to take these buses,” Bautista said in Filipino at a press conference, adding that he had spoken to Jaravel and invited the commission chairwoman to take both the bus and the jeepney – two of the most common modes of public transportation. in Manila.

“She said it was a game,” he added.

In the past months, there have been videos of hordes of passengers queuing up in front of the dwindling numbers of buses plying the roads, as well as stories of jeep operators and drivers being put out of business by exorbitant pump prices, a testament to how far the capital has gone. Permanent transportation problems are exacerbated by global market pressures.

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While it is interesting to note that the heads of agencies tasked with chairing these bodies are not already intimately familiar with the passenger problem, their willingness to learn at least makes them better than some of the others who have shown themselves to be. Totally out of reach With the state of public transport.

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