Unfavorable: Producer says Mi Sidap noodles are not contaminated after Taiwan refused to ship

Wings Food, the producer of Indonesia’s other popular instant noodle brand Mie Sedaap (which literally translates to “delicious noodles”), denied that its products had been contaminated after Taiwan rejected a recent shipment.

Recently, from Taiwan came Report The country’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has rejected several shipments of instant noodles from Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan after they were found to contain “excessive levels of pesticide residue”. Among those marked in a red flag by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) were 4047.4 kg of Me Cidup Cup Noodles.

Back home, Wings Food has sought to allay unwanted fears.

Mi Cidab products do not contain pesticides. Refusal to ship in Taiwan has nothing to do with this. It was due to differences in regulatory standards imposed by regulators there,” Katria Arentia Aninandiantari, Marketing Director for Wings Food Pasta Products, advertiser Yesterday evening.

Katria insisted that Mie Sedaap’s products had passed domestic and international quality management standards, and were certified halal in Muslim-majority Indonesia, referring to strict quality control by the country’s Council of Scholars.

“This shows that Me Cidap has been developed under high production standards and strict quality control… and that it is safe for consumption by the general public,” she said.

However, Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration said customs officials will increase the percentage of Indonesian instant noodle shipments that are inspected from 5 to 10 percent to 20 percent. The regulator has not said that the new policy will apply exclusively to Mie Sedaap products, which means other Indonesian noodle brands may come under more scrutiny as well.

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