Viral videos of a couple allegedly having sex in the hotel’s outdoor Jacuzzi raise privacy concerns in Hong Kong

Two videos showing a man and a woman allegedly having sex in an outdoor Jacuzzi part of a hotel room in Hong Kong have gone viral, raising privacy concerns as they appear to be part of an alarming trend of people filming and distributing voyeuristic materials. .

Some netizens said the clips were taken at a hotel in North Point, which has rooms with a private outdoor jacuzzi. The videos appear to have been taken by someone staying or working at the hotel.

In one of the videos, the woman, who was partially naked, can be seen sitting on the edge of the pool eating a bowl of pasta while the man puts his head between her legs.

The pool railing is made of clear glass and the lid appears to have not been opened. The couple were some distance away from the glass balustrade.

In another video, they are both in the pool and the man hugs the woman from behind.

In this video, the casing was opened, but the person who filmed the video managed to get some shots through a hiatus.

Many netizens invited the person who took the videos to film and distribute them online.

“It’s too cheap to film it in secret,” said one netizen.

Another asked, “Have you thought about the harm it will do to those involved?”

Some netizens also pointed out that there was something wrong with the design of the hotel’s jacuzzi since it was easily visible to those staying upstairs.

It’s definitely something Hong Kong residents should consider when booking a romantic stay at local hotels. Stays have become popular in Hong Kong in recent years, as the Covid-19 pandemic has made travel difficult for its residents and hotel room rates have fallen as domestic travel has also been affected.

Some netizens also asked if the husband or person who filmed the video will be arrested.

Another video of a couple apparently having sex was filmed and distributed last month.

A 36-year-old woman has been arrested for outraging public morals after someone took a video of her having sex on the balcony of an apartment in Kai Tak went viral.

She was later released on bail.

An amendment to a law dealing with voyeurism came into effect in October of last year Four new crimes.

The Crimes (Amendment) Act 2021 includes specific offenses against voyeurism, illegal recording or surveillance of intimate organs, and publishing images arising from these two crimes, as well as publishing or threatening to publish intimate images without consent.

These four offenses carry a maximum prison sentence of five years.

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