Winnie the Pooh Ecstasy has been captured on the Thai side of the Mekong River

Thousands of ecstasy pills in the shape of a bear were confiscated in the Mekong River, according to police in northeastern Thailand.

Two black bags containing about 18,800 yellow ecstasy pills – in the shape of Winnie the Pooh – were found Saturday night on the riverbank, Nakhon Phanom police said.

Besides the ecstasy, police also confiscated more than 54,000 sleeping pills, leading to a bankruptcy with an estimated market value of about 20 million Thai baht, according to Capt. Narodul Utsekhan of the Rapid Reaction Force.

Police said the drugs were smuggled to the Thai side of the river via a long-tail boat that escaped after the delivery. It is believed that the source of the drug is Europe.

Drugs are often stamped with cartoon characters. In 2019, a woman was arrested in Pathum Thani district in possession of about 28,000 cartoon-style ecstasy pills.

Molly is still a popular party drug that sells for THB 800 to THB 1,000 per disc. The drugs are usually produced in European countries such as the Netherlands and France before being smuggled into Thailand through countries such as Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, said Neom Pressuk, deputy secretary of the Drug Enforcement Agency.

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