With IDR 3.75 million, visitors will be able to enter the two main islands of Komodo National Park all year round.

Question: Would you pay IDR 3.75 million (US$250) to visit two major islands in Komodo National Park, Komodo and Padar, as many times as you want in a year?

If your answer is yes, then this is probably good news for you as the East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) provincial government is set to go ahead with its plans to charge people annually for visiting the two sites where Komodo dragons roam the land.

Tourism Director NTT Sony Zeth Libing to reporters yesterday That the provincial government asked the central government to be able to implement annual fees in order to maintain the ecosystem of the sites.

NTT county government believes that Komodo [dragons] And the [the islands’] He explained the reason behind the new pricing.

The new pricing scheme is scheduled to come into effect on August 1.

Komodo Island and Padar Island are the two largest islands in Komodo National Park. Another island famous for its dragons in the park is Rinca Island. The park also includes 26 smaller islands.

Separately, Carolina Noge, Komodo National Park Program Coordinator, He said The annual number of visitors will be limited to 200,000. She emphasized that permit holders will not be subject to any additional fees for any subsequent trips to the islands.

Carolina noted that the IDR 3.75 million is not an official entry fee, but a contribution to the preservation of Komodo and Padar islands and the surrounding areas.

Discussions about the detrimental effect of massive tourist visits to Komodo National Park have been going on for years. The idea of ​​applying an annual fee to visit Komodo National Park was already introduced in 2019. At that time, the proposed annual admission fee was US$1,000.

The proposed price for 2019 was reportedly for foreign visitors only, while it remains unclear whether the IDR 3.75 million annual fee will apply to foreigners, domestic visitors, or both.

The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and currently charges IDR 150,000 (US$10.68) for foreign tourists and IDR5,000 (US$0.36) for local tourists on weekdays, although there are additional fees that tourists may incur during their stay. Trip, including trekking or snorkeling.

At least 13 travel agencies have talked about the new pricing plan, and to say the least, they haven’t.

Robert Waka, Vice President of the NTT Chapter of the Indonesian Travel Agents Association, He said Over the weekend, they felt that the new rate would cater only to the upper-middle class, and so they hoped that the government could re-evaluate the scheme.

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