Women and men in Angkot vans should be separated after sexual harassment incident

The Jakarta Provincial Government is preparing new regulations separating women and men Angkot The minivan, in light of a recent incident where a female passenger was allegedly sexually harassed.

The head of the Jakarta Transportation Agency, Siaphren Leboto, said yesterday that the men will occupy the seat on the right side of the Angkot, while the women will sit opposite and facing them under the prescribed regulations.

“So there will be a physical separation [between women and men]. No more mingling together,” Syafrin Tell Correspondents at City Hall.

The new rules are expected to come into effect this week. Angkot minivan operators who do not comply may be subject to suspension.

On July 4, a video of a 21-year-old woman in Angkot went viral, in which she shamed a male passenger sitting next to her allegedly fondling her breasts while using his jacket to conceal his hands.

The victim said that no one in the minibus helped her. Finally, the alleged perpetrator was reported to the South Jakarta Metro Police. The alleged perpetrator, who has not yet received any criminal charges, denied harassing the woman and claimed that he was only calling his phone in his jacket.

While gender segregation will be new for Angkot minivans, other public transportation in Jakarta have long provided women-only sections in their cars in an effort to counter sexual harassment.

However, critics have argued that separating women on public transportation normalizes sexual harassment more than protects them. It is true that sexual harassment on public transportation in Jakarta continues to be a problem year after year.

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